After having a baby, I wanted to get back into exercising. Kara was just what I needed. She tailored my initial work out to what I was able to do (only two months post-baby), and we went from there. We work out both in my basement and outside, so the variety is nice. Kara really motivates me to push myself, and I have reached my weight loss goals!

Kristen H.

Kara is absolutely awesome! Her goal for what she does is to help you, her client. Her passion, love and dedication for fitness and her clients not only make the workouts enjoyable but the time seems to fly right by. Don't get me wrong, she gives you one heck of a work out, but I actually look forward to going. Not the attitude,"Oh, I guess I have to visit Kara this week." Believe me, if you want a great trainer who knows her stuff plus truly cares about you ~ Call Kara, you will be glad you did. I know I am .

Cris F.

Kara motivated me to a point in which I didn't think I could be motivated! I've never been very athletic and had no idea what I was capable of until I had Kara as a trainer. She helped to get me in the best shape I have ever been. Her knowledge, experience, and encouragement is a terrific combination to help ANYONE reach their fitness goals.

Sabrina D.

I've been working out with Kara for 2 years, and have noticed increased strength, endurance, and flexibility. She even trained me while I was going through 7 months of chemotherapy treatment, remaining patient while I was sick, and helped me keep my strength mentally and physically, which aided in my cancer recovery. Kara works me to the best of my ability, but also knows my limits. It's a pleasure to workout with her, because of her positive attitude and experience.

Bridget D.

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